RPAC Victories



 RPAC makes a difference.  Just look at the numbers!

Without your support, RPAC cannot remain a powerful voice on key legislative issues.  Your dollars help us make our voice heard.

Defeated a 500% Increase

In 2015, we helped to defeat a budget amendment that would have increased the deductible that property owners, including YOUR clients, pay to have their leaking underground oil tanks cleaned up and repaired by 500%. The current $500 deductible was proposed to go up to $2,500.

The petroleum tank increase was a budget amendment.


Prison time: 1 to 6 years

We added a felony charge to any criminal who lures or entices a Realtor to a property with the intent to do harm. The added felony will increase a criminal’s sentence by up to 6 years.

The 1-6 years are the statutory sentencing guidelines.


Save $150 – $500/hr. on attorneys’ fees

We continued to refine legislation that allows property managers to represent your clients in General District court without needing an attorney. So, how much would your attorney charge per hour?

Typically, attorney fees range from $150 – $500/hr.


$12,000 back to consumers

Under a new law that VAR drafted, we have made it easier Virginia consumers who have received a court judgment to collect damages from the Real Estate Transaction Recovery Fund. The average claim is approximately $12,000.

The $12,000 figure is an estimate given to us by the DPOR finance staff on the average claim that comes before the Board.


Wiped out $200/per Sign Fines

We worked with a state legislator to prevent a proposal creating daily fines of $200 for any sign in any public right of way. How often do you use such signs for your listings? 10 days for 1 sign = $2000

The $200 per sign was the language in the proposed bill we were able to stop.  


RPAC of Virginia in Action 


Our advocacy team drafts legislation, works with elected officials to sponsor bills and shepherd them though legislative or government channels for approval. In addition, VAR’s Advocacy team serves as a governmental watchdog to ensure that regulations or laws are not enacted that impair or penalize REALTORS® and property owners, working diligently to block legislation.

Significant RPAC of Virginia’s Victories: