Mamye BaCoteD


Delegate BaCote a retired educator of the Newport News Public School System in 1994, is an adjunct professor of Political Science at Hampton University and former member of the Newport News City Council.

Delegate BaCote has been a member of the Virginia General Assembly since 2004. She serves on the Appropriations, Health Welfare Institutions, and Transportation Committees. She was appointed by the Speaker in the House to serve as a member of the Youth Commission and Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads. She also is a member of the House Democratic Caucus, The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, and the Reproductive Rights Caucus.

Delegate BaCote was born in Halifax, Virginia, one of seven children educated in the Halifax Public Schools. She is a graduate of Virginia Union University with an AB degree and has a Masters of Arts degree in Education from Hampton University and has done Postgraduate work at Dartmouth College and University of Exeter, England.

What does the Realtor endorsement mean to you?

The importance of having the Virginia Association of Realtors endorsement is greatly appreciated, because I value their high standards of ethics and business-like qualities that they always carry out with their clients.

What does homeownership mean to you?

Homeownership has given me a piece of the American dream and helped me to build equality in my home.

How important is the real estate industry to the overall economy both in your district and in your region?

Homeownership has been very important in the real estate industry in my district and region due to the home foreclose crisis, however it does help in getting the workforce to move forward in the many businesses, such as the plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc. which creates taxes for the localities and region.

Are there real estate-related issues you are considering pushing in the 2014 session?

I would oppose legislation that would attempt to take away deduction from home owners and continue to help my constituents to keep their homes.