2016 Legislator Report Card

VAR’s Legislator Report Card is a groundbreaking project to help Virginia REALTORS® and others understand how our state senators and delegates are voting on important REALTOR issues. It’s all about transparency. Below you can see the high-profile, REALTOR-impacting bills voted on by the General Assembly, how each delegate and senator voted on those bills. We hope it will not only help you on Election Day, but will encourage those legislators to keep REALTOR issues in mind as they vote — issues such as property rights, REALTOR licensing and regulation, property management, and more.

The 2016 VAR Report Card included seven bills.

The Report Card was approved by the VAR Public Policy Committee during the second full week of the General Assembly session.

Of the 1,895 sub-committee, full committee and floor votes taken on the seven VAR Report Card bills, there were 14 “NO” votes.

Voted Yes
Voted No
NA Not applicable: Was not serving at the time of the vote
NV No vote: Abstained or was absent from the vote

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senate visual